Microfracture Drilling Procedure for Isolated Chondral Defect

This minimally invasive procedure repairs damaged cartilage in the knee joint. Small holes are drilled into the bone at the base of the damaged area to stimulate the growth of healthy “scar” cartilage.

Local physicians with a world of experience

The Joint Institute of North Texas has physicians on staff who have specialized expertise in joint care including hips, knees and shoulders. Our doctors have been educated and trained in some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the world. Many of them have contributed research and articles to major medical journals, and have served as team physicians and assistants to a variety of professional and high school sports organizations.

Our team approach to health care ranges from treating shin splints and hip arthritis to full knee treatment or hip replacements. No matter what level of joint care is needed, our team of healthcare professionals puts emphasis on patient education. That means spending time with each patient so that they understand diagnostic testing, surgical and non-surgical treatment options available to them, and rehabilitation needed in order for them to reach the best possible outcome.